The Ultimate CBD User Guide

Cannabis plants contain 60+, naturally
occurring, active compounds called
cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is
one of these compounds found in all
cannabis plants. Tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC) is the most well-known
cannabinoid and is associated with
marijuana’s psychoactive properties.
Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a
“high” effect and can offer relief and
benefits without the disconcerting
feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.
Cannabis plants are separated into
two different types of crops, known
as hemp and marijuana. These two
plants differ in their cannabinoid
ratios, but come from the same plant
species Cannabis Sativa L. Both
hemp and marijuana can be used to
produce cannabidiol products. Dating
back to the ancient civilizations,
it was some of the first people of
earth who discovered and identified
the differences between hemp
and marijuana and began using
cannabidiol for various purposes. Next,
we will dive into the history of hemp
and CBD.

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