The Everything Marijuana Book – Alicia Williamson

When someone wants to start growing cannabis, they may be filled with questions: Is it legal? Can it be done inside or outside? It is hard to grow? In this book, you’ll find a clear, step-by-step manual to the world of marijuana. Longtime licensed Oregon-based medical-grower Alicia Williamson explains the entire process–from choosing seeds or clones to proper curing and storage of harvest. You’ll also find:

Information on the legality of growing
Tips on growing indoors, outdoors, and in containers
Troubleshooting information for plants that just won’t grow
Recipes for medibles such as fruit rollups and chocolate lollies

Growing cannabis can be challenging, yet rewarding. From the beginner just starting out to the experienced gardener wanting to improve quality and productivity, this is the complete guide to everything marijuana. 

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