The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Growing Cannabis – Dan Knugg

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Growing Cannabis is everything you enjoy from the Weed In A Pot series of tutorial videos organized into a straightforward and easy to follow written + audiovisual guide teaching you how to successfully grow your first cannabis plant.Cannabis is a very simple plant to grow and harvest; however, a lot of guides and tutorials complicate this process by offering too many grow options, advanced techniques geared towards large-scale grow operations, in-depth botany lessons, and lengthy history courses to make learning how to grow a cannabis plant excessively more complex than necessary. This guide avoids all that, and by stripping away all the secondary information, it makes it a lot easier to explain the key things needed to have a successful first grow: a basic core understanding of how cannabis works and how to setup a small grow space either indoors or outdoors to ensure a successful grow with some of the most simple and cost-effective tools. Each section will also have at least one accompanying video link, which provides a multimedia version of the chapter topic. That way, no matter how you prefer to learn the material, either by reading, listening, or watching, we’ve got you covered!•Covers the all the basics of growing from scratch from seed to harvest•Explains how to convert any area into a grow space•Includes troubleshooting issues that might come up during the grow•Over 3 hours of video grow tutorials and grow logs included

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