Membership T&C’s

effective as of 1st june 2020 – version 3.2

Membership Terms & Conditions

We are only interested in working with serious people who want to learn, So, if you just buy memberships and ask for a refund, then, this is not the site for you.  We do not want to waste your time or our time for that matter. Giving attention to refund requests will only take our time from our paying loyal customers. 

the following renewal, cancellation, & Refund POLICIES APPLY TO ALL PAID MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS

1.Refund Policy for Membership

All PASSES are non-refundable.

All purchases made for any product or service as a one-off will not be entitled to a refund.  This will not affect your standard Consumer Rights. Any one-off buys have been fully checked prior to dispatch.  We reserve the right to ask for evidence should you claim the product is faulty.  This can include, but not limited to the following:

  • Screenshot of Problems
  • Videos of problems
  • Speed Check proof (Download Speed)

2.Cancellation & Refund Policy?

We operate a non refundable policy

2.1 Automatic Renewing Subscriptions

All passes/Memberships are set up as recurring payments, or recurring payments from your PayPal Account. Please only buy a pass/membership if you agree to this. Each pass/membership will give you the stated amount of time on the site, then after that time the next payment will be taken, giving you the membership time your recurring payment is set up for.

EXAMPLE: You purchase a 3-month membership, this will give you 3 calendar months on the site. On the day of expiry of your membership, a recurring payment will be taken from the registered account for the next 3 months membership. once this has been paid, you will have another 3 months access to the site.

Passes are automatic renewal.  If you would like to cancel your monthly pass, please email:


Along with your username with the subject line: CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.

You can also cancel your subscription via PayPal Direct – We recommend this option for your request to be completed immediately.

or Cancel Monthly Pass Below.

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2.2 One Off Payments

The Following Passes are charged as a one off payments.


The above passes are not recurring payments. This membership is a one off payment and will allow you access to the site for lifetime or as long as this site run.

2.3 Membership Cancellation Due To Violation

If the Member has been cancelled due to violation of our terms of use or policies.  Subscription Fees for all member subscriptions will be terminated and non-refunded.

3.Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all paid members will be given full support. All questions will be answered within 48 hours.

4. By Clicking Subscriber Or Joining

By clicking subscriber or joining, you fully accept all terms on this website.

5. Modifications

We reserve the right to revise or amend our polices, full notice will be given when possible.  Any changes made will apply to all memberships created or renewed after the date such change was implemented.  All changes will be implemented to any upgrades at the time of upgrade.

6. Account Upgrades

Any member who wishes to upgrade a subscription, can so at any time.  No refund will be given for any remaining time left on previous membership.  Upgrades are best done at the end of the renewal month.

7.  Other/Additional

7.1 All terms are determined on a case by case basis.  We reserve the right to change, amend, or bypass our terms according to the member requests.

7.2 We encourage our members to talk to use if you have a problem with any memberships or you are unsatisfied with our site.

7.3 Links generated on this site must not be shared. Any Shares of the links will result in your account being cancelled.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.