Marijuana Growers Handbook – Ed Rosenthal

Grow the biggest, most resinous buds! Maximize yield and increase potency.

For everyone, beginners and advanced growers. This book contains the latest knowledge, tools, and methods to grow great marijuana – both indoors and outdoors. Ed Rosenthal will show you how to use the most efficient technology and save time, labour, and energy. With 500 pages of full-colour photos and illustrations, the book delivers all the basics that a novice grower needs, as well as scientific research for the experienced gardener. All aspects of cultivation are covered, from the selection of varieties, setting up of the garden, and through each stage of plant growth all the way to harvesting. Full-color photographs throughout clarify instructions and show the stunning results possible with Ed’s growing tips. Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is the official course book at Oaksterdam University

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