Loaded Edibles – Jason Head

Medical marijuana is an alternative medicine for those who would like a natural way of healing. Learn how to measure the amount of THC per dosage and with these recipes you can learn about the edibles serving sizes. Just like everything else there is always a recommended serving size and this recipe book will give you a guide line to follow. You may have heard about those famous brownies at parties that got everyone too high. These recipe are designed to give you an enjoyable experience. For every gram of cannabis there is approximately 100 mg of THC when using 10% cannabis strain. The recommended serving size is 10 mg for experienced users. Making your experiences with edibles an enjoyable experience. Learn about the health benefits from cannabis and mostly important how to measure the amount of THC per dosage. Learn about the cannabis dosages and serving sizes in edibles with easy to read charts. Cooking with cannabis basics cookbook Infused cocktails, Simple syrup, Lotions, Bath bombs, butter as well as those famous brownies and much more

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