HealingYourself With Cannabis

This book is intended as a resource guide to help people educate themselves about nature’s
oldest and safest medicine – Cannabis. It came about as a result of my research, and the
subsequent inquiries by friends and family for more information. So I have put together a
guide that covers the whole gamut of information, from growing your own medicine, to
safely making your own oil, to simply knowing what to buy and where to get it (if you are
fortunate enough to live in or near a state that has legalized cannabis). This eBook basically
compiles the roadmap of my research into the protocols of Rick Simpson, complete with
video and other links. If you follow along and watch the links, you will get a thorough
education that will guide you through the morass of hype, wrong or misleading information,
and outright scams that await the unsuspecting newbie.
Over time, some links may become outdated. Sometimes videos like these get pulled, and
then reposted later. Also, some links may provide information contradictory to this eBook.
Bear in mind that this is a new and booming “industry”, and there are so many new folks
getting involved they often unwittingly repeat misinformation. The study of Cannabinoids is
also new, so there are new discoveries all the time. Even the information in this eBook may
become outdated in the future as new discoveries are made, so always keep this in mind and
don’t be afraid to let go of outdated information. It’s as natural as updating software, but in
this case the software is in your mind LOL!

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