Cooking with Marijuana – Gordon Rock

Interesting, Delicious and Easy Recipes you can make with the Magical Herb
There are so many books that focus on how to grow marijuana but not many actually feature a lot of information about marijuana horticulture or even how to utilize it in meals. The truth is marijuana growing will only be beneficial if you are in the market of selling it unless you learn to utilize it properly. Yes! I said it, and I am not just referring to building a blunt.

What is said about today’s society is that the persons interested in researching on how to grow marijuana are often times not aware of the nutritional and health benefits one can achieve by consuming the product. In this book we will focus not on the traditional marijuana horticulture, instead, we will be diving into delicious meals that can be made with marijuana. These can all be used as healthy home remedies for a variety of sickness including anxiety, depression, cancer and autoimmune deficiencies to name a few.

Best of all these recipes can prepared by just about anyone so you won’t need to become a marijuana growing guru or even study how to grow marijuana. All you can will need are the normal tools from your home kitchen and, of course, a copy of this book.

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